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Logistics Networking

From shipper to carrier to receiver and everyone in between, Cloud Logistics is simplifying supply chain software.

Your logistics world connected

Like a social network for trading partners, we connect the companies and people involved in your logistics operations. You have complete control over your connections, your data sharing, and your partner collaboration.

Your company and your partners on the same page

Ten years ago, we stopped using phone and fax. Now it’s time to leave all those emails behind. Your Logistics Activity Stream is the pulse of your supply chain, enabling everyone that needs to be involved to communicate and share information in real-time.

Business process collaboration made simple

So many transactions.. so little time and resources. Cloud Logistics gives you the platform to design and launch web-based workflow portals to your vendors, customers and logistics services providers. And with process templates for shipments, orders, inventory, charge-backs, claims and more, it’s easy to start simple and build your collaboration platform over time.

Logistics professionals deserve “apps” too

On top of our network, we’re building apps that help you automate and optimize your logistics operations. For the different types of transactions in supply chain, we’re building apps that you can choose to utilize based on your needs. You simply choose the apps you need for your process, and the apps you don’t need stay out of the way. It’s what you’d expect from modern internet software.

Your supply chain is mobile
Go Mobile

The smartphone is the new user interface for your supply chain. We simply put your logistics network, communication, collaboration and automation into your pocket. We make your vision for smartphone-based logistics processes possible.

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