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Order Collaboration for Your Global Network

Cloud Logistics delivers collaboration, control and visibility of orders between partners

Your orders,
your process,
your partners

Design and deploy your desired order collaboration process to your trading partners.

  • Flexible web-based workflow configuration
  • 2B integration and web / mobile access
  • Secure trading partner permissibility
  • Self-service partner onboarding

Get everyone on the same page

Communicate There’s no reason to be discussing orders over email. Everyone can be on the same page and see a full history of communications with the Logistics Activity Stream.

  • Transaction-level activity stream
  • Manage by exception or monitor the details
  • Configurable transaction teams and groups for communication security
  • Real-time message, document, photo, and video sharing
  • Profiles for people, locations and trading partner companies
  • Mobile or web access

Your world is flat

Connect your order process with trading partners to gain control and visibility over inbound logistics.

  • Global partner connectivity via web, mobile or B2B integration
  • Order, inventory and shipment collaborative portals
  • Language, currency and unit of measure internationalization
  • Multi-platform, browser based user experience for any device
  • Can include all partners - customers, suppliers, logistics services providers

Speed things up

Accelerate your order cycle time by removing workflow and collaboration bottlenecks.

  • Real-time information sharing
  • Order process collaboration
  • Order-to-cash a-la-carte capabilities
  • Include global, multi-mode transportation management into the process
  • Automate order processing with business rule logic

Order visibility in your pocket
Go Mobile

Easily respond to your business customers with real-time answers to their order inquiries. With mobile access to the network, you’re no longer operating in the dark with Cloud Logistics.

  • Mobile order search and status
  • Mobile order collaboration and workflow
  • Mobile Logistics Activity Stream
  • HTML5 cross-platform/device mobile compatibility
  • B2B integration to bring legacy system information into the cloud and onto mobile devices
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