WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, Monday, July 7, 2014 – SupplyChainBrain lists Cloud Logistics in its article of 100 Great Supply Chain Partners for 2014. The list will be published in the July/August 2014 issue of SupplyChainBrain.

“Congratulations to Cloud Logistics on making SupplyChainBrain’s list of 2014 Great Supply Chain Partners! Now in its 12th year, our prestigious list of 100 Great Supply Chain Partners highlights a select list of companies whose solutions and services have been so impressive, that their customers took the time to write and let us know. SupplyChainBrain received nominations for hundreds of solutions providers in every aspect of supply chain management during our six-month on-line poll in which supply chain professionals were asked to nominate vendors and service providers whose solutions have made a significant impact on their company’s efficiency, customer service and overall supply chain performance. Cloud Logistics will appear in the 2014 July/August issue of SupplyChainBrain magazine as a celebrated member of this year’s 100 Great elite crew,” said Brad Berger, Publisher of SupplyChainBrain.

“Cloud Logistics is honored to make SupplyChainBrain magazine’s prestigious list for 2014,” said Mark Nix, CEO of Cloud Logistics. “On behalf of the Company and its employees, I would like to thank all of our partners for nominating us! Our partners are made up of retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, brokers, forwarders, carriers, and 3PL’s from all around the globe who are vital to our success in the logistics software industry,” said Nix.

“Cloud Logistics’ mission is to deliver the most innovative logistics solutions to all. With our patent-pending configurable workflow and true cloud architecture, Cloud Logistics has set itself apart from all other providers with our flexibility and rapid deployment when dealing with moving inventory,” said Nix.

About Cloud Logistics

The newest generation of transportation logistics solutions for the global supply chain market. Making the complexities of order collaboration, communication and international transportation management simple for companies of any size to benefit from the patent-pending configurable workflow architecture, unique user experiences, alerts, dashboard widgets, and ad-hoc reporting all delivered in a cloud-based network. Social technology for business allows each person involved with an order or shipment the ability to attach documents, claims photos and Proof Of Delivery (POD) signatures within a private secure community. More information about Cloud Logistics can be found at www.gocloudlogistics.com.

About SupplyChainBrain

SupplyChainBrain is the world’s most comprehensive supply chain management information resource. It is accessed year round through a wide range of ever evolving multi-media formats by hundreds of thousands of senior level industry executives. In addition to addressing the fundamental principles of supply-chain management, SupplyChainBrain identifies emerging trends, technologies and best practices, forward thinking ideas and cutting-edge solutions and continues to write and report about these as they evolve and mature. More information about SupplyChainBrain is available at www.supplychainbrain.com.