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Learn how Cloud Logistics delivers TMS Made Easy™?

Cloud Logistics was founded as an alternative to the traditional slow moving, high priced transportation management systems. TMS from Cloud Logistics reduces freight costs and offers a modern, intuitive user experience that optimizes carrier selection, simplifies load tendering and communication, and streamlines payment while increasing visibility and offering real-time reporting.

Cloud Logistics TMS is:

  • AFFORDABLE – Fully functioning TMS with unlimited seats and unlimited carrier capacity
  • FAST – customers can go live within weeks, not months, decreasing time to value
  • EASY – so intuitive that it requires minimal training and your carriers will love the mobile application
  • SCALABLE - all the TMS you’ll ever need

Schedule a demo and see how we’ve leveraged social technology for shippers to provide a unique user experience. Our technology helps to eliminate the time-consuming games of phone tag and email chains. Schedule a demo today and learn how to make managing shipments via convoluted spreadsheets a thing of the past!

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“Whether it’s managing a few truckloads a day from one shipping location or hundreds across multiple locations, the Cloud Logistics system is a great fit that will support our business today and into the future at a great price point.”

- Director of Supply Chain & Logistics, Prestage Foods.


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