TMS Solutions

Industry’s Most Modern TMS

By combining cloud, mobile and social technologies, our TMS enables rapid transportation success with sure-fire ROI.


Save up to 10% on freight costs.

Good planning (load consolidation, mode selection, carrier selection) can save 5-10% of a company’s freight costs. Cloud Logistics has great solutions for planning. 

  • Automated consolidation/optimization.
  • Manual Planner: A map-based tool with real-time decision support for load building.
  • Carrier Assignment Optimization: An algorithm that simultaneously considers capacity constraints and costs for heavy and/or full truckload planning.

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Easy, fast and intuitive.

Planners and carriers value efficiency and simplicity.

  • Automated waterfall tendering for ‘hands-free’ execution.
  • Simple spot quoting saves dozens of emails per shipment.
  • Integrated internal and external benchmark data provides context-sensitive decision support.
  • Bulk actions via ‘Delivery’ button creates tremendous operational efficiencies.

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Built-in social network.

The TMS industry’s first built-in social network for collaboration between shippers, carriers and 3PLs.

  • Instant messaging between trading partners.
  • Share documents and images.
  • Mobile app for drivers (and GPS location updates).
  • Context-specific updates.
  • Reportable and alertable.
  • Creates accountability.

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Visibility is the greatest ‘soft’ benefit of a TMS.

Tracking where shipments are is more than EDI updates from carriers.

  • Built-in social networking with the Logistics Activity Stream to create seamless collaboration with carriers.
  • Mobile app available - free for owner/operators.
  • Integration with third-party GPS tracking devices.
  • Easy, intelligent alerting to email or text messages.
  • Customizable workbench and visual tagging.

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Save up to 3% of total freight spend.

Auditing freight bills is a complex and often tedious process. Many companies expensively outsource it. Automating the process can save 1-3% of total freight spend.

  • Carriers can submit invoicing via EDI or the Carrier Portal.
  • Rules-based exception identification.
  • Social network to facilitate dispute resolution with carriers.

TMS Software Audit Screenshot


Create future savings.

Leveraging the massive amounts of data a TMS generates is key to creating future savings.

  • Easy-to-use report writer. Designed for business users. Technical skills not required.
  • One-touch integration with MS Excel.
  • Customizable dashboards.

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